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For your information:

Before hiring any limousine service make sure that they are legally insured and licensed. 

Contact the California Public Utilities Commission at 1 800 894-9444 or 

visit there web site List of Companies to find out if a company is licensed


Our C.P.U.C. license number is 13972-P.

We are insured as a charter for hire limousine service. 

We are registered in the California Highway Patrols Pull Notice Program. 

We are enrolled in a C.P.U.C. approved drug screening program.

We are rated 5 Star on yelp

We operate a QVM Ford certified Lincoln Town Car, stretched by Tiffany Coachworks in California.

Most important, Your chauffeur will have over 22 years experience.

Our limousine is inspected and serviced on a reg. basis by technicians that specialize in Limousines.

Our limousine is Equipped with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

-A properly maintained QVM Certified Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine is among the safest vehicles you can ride in.

-According to Lincoln, "the Town Car was the first vehicle to receive five-star crash ratings in all five categories from NHTSA

-From Wikipedia,  

" The Lincoln Town Car dominates the American limousine market because it is the last American luxury car made with body-on-frame

-Full Size Pickup Trucks are still built using this method. (Not Uni-Body like many other brands of stretch limousines.)


Some companies call a 120" Stretch Limousine a "Ten Passenger"

We want you to know the truth;

All 120" Lincoln QVM Stretch Limousines are rated for a max. of 8 behind the chauffeurs compartment.

In addition;

Ford will allow QVM Cert. coach builders to stretch a Lincoln Town Car up to 120" (10') in the middle.

All Late model QVM 120" Stretch Lincoln Town Car Limousine have a GVWR of 7500lbs.

Manufactures and limousine builders use 150lbs per. person to calculate a safe passenger capacity.

Below is an example of a weight cert. plate that is required to be placed on a QVM Stretch Limousine clearly stating the seating capicity of the vehicle. (normally at the right rear passenger door.)

From the Ford Fleet QVM website;

The National Limousine Association (NLA), 

the QVM-CMC Vehicle Manufacturers Association 

and Ford Motor Company strongly recommend that you 

only ride in limousines that are built by manufacturer certified Coach builders.

Safety is in everyone best interest.