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Below is a copy of the required reservation request including the Terms and Conditions of Service. After you call to confirm your date is avalible we will e mail you this information for your approval.

Due to the nature of the Limousine Business we must advise you of and enforce the following;  

Thank you for your interest in booking. We require a major credit card ( Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX.) and this e mail retured to us UNALTERED. If you have not already provided your credit card number over the phone please call us or provide a number to call you on after you have send back this e mail. PLEASE DO NOT E MAIL YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO US. ON THE DAY OF SERVICE CARDHOLDER AND CARD MUST BE PRESENT. Please read the following terms and conditions and if you agree, type your name in place of your name here below and reply to this e mail unaltered. I XXX AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW FOR THIS LIMOUSINE RENTAL. The address ( including zip / postal code.) that my credit card statements are mailed to is: XXX The above named client understands that all charges are assessed from Liberty Transportation. All unpaid deposits, balances, fees and charges are authorized by the signed acceptance of this contract below. The client is fully responsible for the repair and or replacement to the vehicle and it’s equipment that the client and / or there guest cause. There is to be no Smoking or illegal substances in the vehicle at any time. No alcoholic is allowed whatsoever for persons under the age of twenty one. (21) The chauffeur at their discretion can terminate the charter if the client and / or there guests conduct becomes unruly or illegal. The client is fully responsible for any vomiting in or on the vehicle and is liable to pay a minimum charge of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) for infectious waste clean up; In addition this may include additional charges for loss of business as a direct result of the incident. It is unlawful for any passenger to have any part of his/her body out of the vehicle at any time. CVC21712(B) THE CLIENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TICKETS, INFRACTIONS AND OR FINES LEVIED AGAINST THE CHAUFFEUR DUE TO THERE AND / OR THERE GUEST ACTIONS. All accounts not paid as due and agreed upon here will be charged interest at a maximum rate of eighteen percent (18%). If this agreement is placed in the hands of an attorney and / or collection agency, the undersigned agrees to pay all cost. Checks are not accepted within five (5) business days of the service. Liberty Transportation is not responsible for items left in the vehicle at any time. Due to the structural engineering of the vehicles, if any breakdown should occur the client is subject to down time only. Liberty Transportation reserves the right to substitute a vehicle for another vehicle of the same size or to have a licensed service that we do business with perform this service. Liberty Transportation will not be responsible for delays due to heavy traffic, accidents, or acts of god, any lost time will be made up at the end of the charter. Please note; 


Please ensure that all members of your party are committed to your date before reserving service. There is no free cancellation period after you have given us your credit card information to hold the date and service for you.